Sit down first thing in the morning and write, everyone says. The best marketing is writing and releasing the next book, they say. Rapid release is the only way to make money, I’ve heard.

Well…almost. Kind of? Maybe.

Not everyone can write 10,000 words each day. Not everyone can release a book every month. Does that mean all is lost for self-publishers who only have a few books out and struggle to get more ready in today’s rapid release culture?


Are you ready to increase your productivity? Want to learn ways to work smarter, not harder? Need a practical, over-the-shoulder look at how successful authors plan and carry out marketing tactics, set goals, and then knock them out of the park?

If you want to write more in less time, and learn the ins and outs of selling the books you have out now, as well as any future publications, you need a system to do both the writing and the marketing. It takes two halves of your brain to run your self-publishing business, and believe it or not, you can use both sides in the same day.

Come find out how to develop your own system for writing more books that will fit with your lifestyle. Then learn how to set up marketing systems to sell those books while you sleep, vacation, or simply while you work on your next great literary masterpiece.

Get inspired in your iundie author career with Elana Johnson, a three-time USA Today bestselling author and a Top 20 Kindle Unlimited All-Star Author.

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