The team that makes Scrivener has started a monthly podcast. Here’s the description:

“In Write Now with Scrivener, journalist Kirk McElhearn interviews writers of all kinds – novelists, screenwriters, columnists and more – about their writing processes and routines, and how they use Scrivener.In the first half of the show, writers share their different approaches to getting words down on the page, talking about what techniques work for them when tackling long and complex pieces of writing.

In the second half, they get into the specifics of how they use Scrivener – what features they find the most helpful and how they use those features in their everyday work.

So, if you’re interested in listening to writers talk about their craft, or in learning more about how established writers use Scrivener, follow the link below to listen to the first episode of Write Now with Scrivener, in which Kirk talks to Peter Robinson, best-selling author of the Alan Banks crime series:

About your host: Kirk McElhearn is an experienced journalist and podcaster as well as a translator. He was a senior contributor to Macworld for 15 years and wrote Take Control of Scrivener. He’s a lapsed New Yorker now living in Shakespeare’s home town in the UK.”

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