"Did... Did We Just Start a Bookclub?"

Like most things around here, we just think of something weird, and then run with it. Hey, it works. Most of the time. 

We were chatting via Facebook Messenger about some craft books and it was a little hard to try and convey our deep thoughts 180 characters at a time. One of us suggested that we find an hour on Saturdays and fire up a Zoom Meeting – we were already meeting 6 days a week, twice a day… what was one more? 
And then some snarky person asked, “Did… did we just start a bookclub? What should we name it?”
skull, dark, pirate
Yep. This image is pretty on-brand for us, if we're honest.


formal: too long, didn't read. informal: a briefly expressed main point or key message that summarizes a longer discussion or explanation

And that, kids, is how the TL;DR bookclub was born.  

amazon book club
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Like this site, it’s a labor of love. The idea is to pick a book and discuss it on Saturdays at 9am Central Time. (That’s 10am Eastern, 3pm in London, and 4pm in Germany for those of you needing a quick conversion). 


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