If you’re a productivity or time tracking junkie, this is the device for you. You assign projects to each of the sides of the die, using their pre-configured stickers or your own, and map them to a project inside the app. When you’re ready to track time for that project, just flip the die so the project faces up and time’s a ticking.

If you use pomodoro sprints it will automatically count down a 25-minute timer and flash when you should take a break. It will log your time spent (and you can edit the entry in the app with your word count!)

The app doesn’t need to be open to track; it’ll sync when it’s back in range to one of your connected devices. Another cool feature is to make a project billable so it tracks the time you spend and adds the amount into the entry so you can download it and bill a client. It will also automatically add entries to your Google or Outlook calendars so you can see at a glance how much time you’ve spent.

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