Wish your words could magically appear?

You are not alone.

What if I told you your wish is within reach?

Dictation isn’t magic, but it can seem like it. However, it can be daunting, overwhelming, and downright confusing.

I’ve been using voice recognition software for thirty years and written over thirty books using both Dragon® Dictate for Mac and various versions of Dragon® NaturallySpeaking.

In this updated and expanded version of The Power of Dictation, I demystify the world of voice recognition software for you.

• Learn how to choose the right computer, microphone, and software for your needs.

• This book covers the latest releases from Nuance, including Dragon® Professional Individual for Mac 6.0.8 (Dragon® Dictate) and Dragon® Professional Individual 15.3 for Windows (Dragon® NaturallySpeaking), and discusses how they stack up against other alternatives.

• If you are a Mac user, learn how to get the most out of Dragon® Dictate without having to use an alternative operating system on your Mac.

• Explore positive ways to make the transition from using your keyboard to using your voice to tell stories.

• Discover how to increase your efficiency and productivity as you dictate.

• Learn how to take your dictation mobile through the use of transcription.


Unlock the power of dictation and take your writing to a whole new level.

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