One of the writing books in my library that’s littered with post-its, marked up and comments scribbled in the margins. It’s amazing for fantasy writers. It covers any possible subject, from pacing to character design, from resolving scenes to sequels, from the dark dismal middle to how to end the story. One of my absolute go-tos. Don’t bother getting it as a kindle book. You need a physical copy.

“There’s more to writing a successful fantasy story than building a unique world or inventing a new type of magic. From the writing of strong, action-packed scenes to the creation of dynamic, multi-dimensional characters, fantasy author Deborah Chester guides novices and intermediate writers through a step-by-step process of story construction. Whether offering tips on how to test a plot premise or survive what she calls the dark dismal middle, Chester shares the techniques she uses in writing her own novels. Examples drawn from both traditional and urban fantasy illustrate her nuts-and-bolts approach to elemental story design.”

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