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BookSweeps provides marketing tools and turnkey promotions to help you grow an audience for your writing. Here’s what makes BookSweeps the most popular lead generation

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Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket takes the guesswork out of book promotion on Amazon. Makes no difference whether you’re building advertising campaigns, keeping an eye on the competition,

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Indie Story Geek

Indie Story Geek is a place to highlight amazing indie books, whether they are self-published, web serials, or published by small presses. Since the reader

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Need music for your book ads or promotions? The platform Tunepond features a growing collection of studio-grade music in various genres, moods, tempos, and styles.

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StoryOrigin Beta Copies

StoryOrigin has added a feature that is designed to streamline building and managing a beta team. With a paid membership, you can find beta readers,

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