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This site was started with the sole purpose of being a collective whiteboard; a place where we could stick the tools and articles and stuff we wanted to remember later when we needed it. 

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Now it’s available to the whole indie author community.

We’re happy to receive suggestions, but we reserve the right to post it… or not. We may make editorial decisions and update the title, description or link at our sole discretion. We’ll give you credit for submitting the tool but please don’t write a sales pitch in the description. We’ll delete it and it could get you banned from the site and Facebook Group. Like. just don’t. 

Once the Sherpas receive it, it we’ll review it and you’ll get a note if it’s published. We’ll give you a shoutout on Facebook and you’ll officially be in the cool kids club. We have perks! Ridiculous memes, bad puns, and shared angst. It’s fun, we promise. 

Before you submit take a minute to review our guidelines:

  • No vendor bashing. If you have support issues please work with them. This isn’t the place to post negative reviews with the hope that they’ll give you special attention. We like our vendors and they like us. 
  • No prescriptive language. Be sure your submission is written from your own personal experience, and your way may not be the right way for others.
  • Clean Links Only. No affiliate links please. We reserve the right to add an affiliate link for Indie Author Tools to help pay the bills for website hosting and maintenance.

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Indie Author Tool Sherpas validate every tool before it's posted on the site so if you would like to tell us something else about the tool tell us here.