Plan your novel, sort your screenplay, organize your fictional world so you can get writing!

In preparing for NaNoWriMo, I knew Airtable would be useful in helping me organize my thoughts, but the Novel planner templates already out there were just too specific and required so much reworking that I thought I would make something a bit more universal. This should be useful for any type of fiction with minor modifications. For film, just use Acts instead of Chapters, Scenes instead of Events, Episodes instead of Book in series.

Characters have several views for character development, and include worksheet questions drawn from my training as an actor that I have used for over a decade to help me get in the mind of my characters.

Events/Scenes have 7 views, including plot structure, plot threads, timeline, notecards, and two views for sorting drafts to work on.

I haven’t tested it yet, so there may be some things I haven’t thought to add. But I wanted to make this available for all those who are already prepping their NaNoWriMo novels.

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