Do you feel a twinge of jealousy whenever you see someone in your coworking space with a laptop plastered in fun, brightly colored company stickers?

If you’re dreaming of the day your brand becomes a dope sticker on that person’s laptop, dream no more!

There’s an easy way to get high-quality, durable custom die-cut stickers without paying a designer or waiting a million years.

Introducing Sticker Mule.


Upload any artwork and receive durable, weatherproof, dishwasher safe stickers with fast turnaround

Create unique stickers cut precisely to the shape of your design

Get an online proof within four hours of checkout, plus free shipping worldwide

Best for: Startups, marketers, brands, and artists who want to promote their business or artwork on high-quality stickers

Sticker Mule offers high-quality custom die-cut stickers that are easy to order with quick turnaround times and free shipping worldwide.



There are many ways to get your brand out there, but none are quite as fun or nostalgic as stickers! (Except maybe ice cream—just as sticky, but much harder to ship.)

Stickers make great free swag for startups, small businesses, and other brands that want to gain exposure and promote brand loyalty.

And Sticker Mule makes it easy to get your branding and designs into the hands of your eager fans with an easy ordering process, quick delivery, and free shipping.

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Stickers are a great way for small businesses to get exposure and gain brand loyalty through free swag.

To get started with Sticker Mule, upload your logo, drawing, or photo to the site.

Within four hours or less, you’ll receive a free print-ready proof from the Sticker Mule team for you to review and request any changes.

Once your proof looks exactly how you want it, the Sticker Mule team will get to work turning your design into custom die-cut stickers.

With unique sticker cutting technology, the team can make stickers cut precisely to the shape of your design—no matter how intricate it may be.

Image 2020 10 02 at 4.35.21 PM

Sticker Mule’s unique sticker cutting technology allows for precisely-cut stickers to the shape of your design!

Sticker Mule prints its stickers on thick, durable, scratch-resistant vinyl with a protective laminate designed to withstand exposure to wind, rain, snow, and sunlight.

These durable, waterproof, and dishwasher-proof stickers are perfect for restaurants and bars to use on packaging, takeout, water bottles, and more.

Their durability also makes them ideal for sports, concerts, events, and other outdoor-based companies to offer swag their customers can take anywhere.

Image 2020 10 02 at 4.35.32 PM

These stickers are high-quality, waterproof, and durable, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

We mean it when we say “anywhere.”

Custom die-cut stickers from Sticker Mule can take a beating and still look great—perfect for decorating helmets, bikes, skateboards, snowboards, and other outdoor sports equipment.

These stickers are great for laptops, too, making them an awesome swag option for startups, software companies, and other tech brands.

Image 2020 10 02 at 4.35.41 PM

Sticker Mule is perfect for startups that want customers to rep their brand on their laptops.

With Sticker Mule, you don’t have to wait forever to get your stickers into the hands of your audience.

Their 4-day turnaround time means your stickers are shipped out into the world the same week you order!

Not to mention Sticker Mule offers free shipping worldwide, helping you keep down your swag costs.

Image 2020 10 02 at 4.35.53 PM

Get your custom die-cut stickers from Sticker Mule fast with free shipping worldwide.

Stickers these days are so much more than stuff to decorate your Lisa Frank folder with — they’re a branding opportunity.

Sticker Mule makes it easy to get the high-quality custom die-cut stickers you need with a seamless and quick ordering process.

Thanks to their quick turnaround times and free shipping worldwide, you—and your fans—will get to enjoy your custom stickers in no time.

Stock up on stickers today!

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