Indie Author Magazine is launching May 3, 2021 and we’re looking for writers to join our contributing writers’ pool.

Indie Author Magazine is a startup serving the community of writers taking charge of their careers. We provide articulate, well-researched information, and opinions to a fast-growing and rapidly changing industry.
We are seeking contributing writers to supplement our pool of staff writers. As a contributing writer, you’ll be responsible for 300-1800 word features as assigned by our managing editors.
What you’ll bring:
– Background in and/or passion for the indie author community
– Ability to write in a compelling, original voice
– Ability to submit outstanding work on ambitious deadlines
– An eye for humor and wit
We are currently not accepting writers seeking to use their articles to sell products, services, or courses. If you wish to have your product, service, or course reviewed please let us know by emailing [email protected]

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