There’s a fun way for writers to network coming up next month – Joanne Hawker’s Instagram challenge #MarchMeetTheMaker®.

Here’s what author and former participant Laurel Decher has to say about the experience: 

“Joanne Hawker is a UK-based artist, and her annual challenge is a way for artists and writers of all stripes to connect to their audiences. Her prompts work just as well for writers as they do for visual artists and fit in perfectly with Dan Blank’s Be The Gateway concept. We need to build bridges to our audiences, to answer the questions readers don’t yet ask. All of these prompts fit under the umbrella: ‘What do readers need to know in order to enjoy my work?’ There’s still time to get set up with Joanne Hawker’s great prompts and planning grid. And your posts will have the benefit of a large community sharing each others’ posts and getting to know each other a bit better through their work.” 


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