Recently, crowdfunding has been getting more buzz in writing groups. Maybe it’s an idea whose time has come for your writing career. To learn more, check out WMG Publishing Lectures and Workshops’ free Kickstarter Best Practices for Fiction course.

From the website:

Loren L. Coleman and Dean Wesley Smith, both professional fiction writers and active users of Kickstarter, decided to create a place where writers can go for free to learn about how to build and run a successful Kickstarter Fiction Campaign.

The overreaching goal here is to have fiction writers do enough successful campaigns in the fiction category of Kickstarter to raise the awareness of both readers and Kickstarter itself. And that will help us all.

Loren wrote a long document on the best practices for a fiction campaign on Kickstarter and Dean will talk about each section in videos, trying to help fiction writers create successful and profitable campaigns.

This place will also be used as a gathering place for information and promotion of new fiction Kickstarter campaigns.

And a place to ask questions.

Both Dean and Loren have done many successful Kickstarter campaigns and learned from their mistakes along the way. And others who have done Kickstarter fiction campaigns will be here to add in their learning as well.

This is free.

Join us for the fun and the learning and who knows, maybe you’ll make some nice money and get more readers on your fiction books from a successful Kickstarter fiction campaign.

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