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One Day at a Time Simple Quote 1

Adobe Express

Adobe’s popular online graphics app now has a “free forever” plan. Adobe Express is similar to Canva, but offers some differences including better font selection …

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Spotify – Chillhop Essentials Fall 2022

Chillhop Playlist for Autumn

The frenetic pace of Summer has given way to the chill vibe of Autumn. This playlist is surprisingly helpful for getting into the zone. From …

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Virtual Digital Mailboxes at 1746 locations Anytime

Anytime Mailbox

If you’re concerned about exposing your real home address on your emailed newsletter, or you travel a lot and want to have your email managed …

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Dropbox Shop

Dropbox Shop launched in private beta last year and allows users to create product listings for digital content. You can add content directly from Dropbox, …

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TIMEFLIP2 human friendly time tracker


If you’re a productivity or time tracking junkie, this is the device for you. You assign projects to each of the sides of the die, …

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THE BOOKSTORE FOR GIVING BACK We know you probably have at least a dozen places to buy books and magazines from. Why do you need …

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