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So: you want to write a book.

That means you’ll need to learn how to find the market you’ll be writing for and how to plan your novel. Know what works and what doesn’t and identify the ‘outstanding’ from the ‘good’ ideas.

You’ll need to know how to plot like the experts: learn about all the plotting methods open to you, and which one suits you and your writing style.

You’ll also want to know who your characters are and why they’re the way they are. You’ll need to know about character arcs and character development, so that you can create dazzling characters that’ll leave your readers captivated.

But none of that will mean anything, if you haven’t developed your prose style. This is what separates ‘people who like to write’ and ‘writers.’ So, you’ll need to learn how to handle technicalities like point of view, tense, omniscience, writing with clarity, and the art of showing-not-telling.

And, because you’re a writer whose just created a world filled with evocative characters and excellent descriptions of place, you’ll also need to know how to edit. Really edit your manuscript so that it’s ready for publication.

Oh, and yes, you’ll need experience. This book is written by someone who knows what he’s talking about. With 20+ years as a published and bestselling author, Harry has helped thousands of writers on their journey to publication (as boss of Jericho Writers).

And look: there are plenty of writing manuals out there, but with this book Harry will be with you from the very first sentence to the last full stop. Offering you actionable advice with real-life examples, all with the aim to help you write a book to be proud of. From one writer to another – good luck.

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