When you read paperback and hardcover books, you use page numbers for tracking progress. But Amazon’s Kindle only shows you your location in the book by default. Here’s how to see real page numbers in a Kindle book.

When it comes to Kindle software, the most reliable way to track your location in a book doesn’t involve using page numbers. This is because when you’re reading on an e-book reader with customizable font sizes, page numbers become meaningless. Instead, Kindle breaks down the book content into small chunks and uses that to calculate how far along you are.

But don’t worry, Kindle also supports page numbers. If a Kindle book has a “Print Length” section on the Amazon page, it means you’ll be able to see real page numbers as you move through the book.

Once enabled, page numbers will be visible in the bottom-left corner of the reading screen (replacing the location or reading progress).

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