This rapid-fire video goes over a practical plan to get ready for holiday sales. It’s specifically aimed at people using Printful to sell products, but even authors who aren’t doing “merch” might find the video and blog post useful. The steps to success for selling could work for a completely different holiday–this just happens to be aimed at the winter holidays.

From YouTube:

“In this video, we go over the steps and actionable tips for creating a successful marketing campaign for the Holiday season sales. While the holiday season holds a lot of opportunities for your business to grow, you’re not gonna be the only one trying to get the attention of online shoppers. To be ahead of the competition, you need a clear action plan for the months to come. Make sure you create a timeline for the holiday shopping days. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the main sales occasions, don’t forget to research other potential holiday highlights. Decide what type of deals you would like to offer – a percentage or dollar discount, free shipping, do a flash sale, giveaway or contest, create a promo code or offer a discount to loyal customers. If you’re looking to add holiday-themed products to your store, consider trending products of the season, like sweaters, beanies, socks, mugs, posters or canvas prints. Don’t forget to prepare your store or website well in advance – try out and set up those discounts and coupon codes, retargeting pixels, abandoned cart recovery emails, exit pop-ups, and web push notifications. And remember to run technical maintenance – go through the whole thing yourself to make sure it’s short and intuitive. You also want to double-check your product descriptions and care instructions, store policies like privacy, shipping, returns. Of course one of the main steps is to work on the content of your campaign – choose the social media platforms that best fit your brand and where your target audience hangs out, craft and adjust social media copies, create engaging visuals. To get an even better picture of what content will get more attention to your social media accounts, examine your audience’s behavior on each channel paying extra attention to user activity peaks and top-performing content. And don’t forget about email marketing. Writing your emails in advance will help you keep your voice and tone consistent – you don’t want to rush them and forget something important. Once you’ve got your content ready to go, grab that calendar you made and start scheduling your campaigns according to your plan! For the best results, don’t just share your content whenever – schedule it to go live at the time your audience is most likely to read and interact with it.

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