Affinity Publisher is one of three integrated software programs (Publisher, Photo, Designer) that is similar to Adobe programs for publishing, illustrating and photo manipulation, with one key difference in pricing. Affinity’s programs are a one-time fee, not a subscription.

I’ve used Affinity Designer to create my book covers, and I love its extensive and easy-to-use export options. I’m still an extreme beginner, so I was delighted to download this guide:

Learn Affinity Publisher: Take Control of Your Marketing Trail Guide

Description of downloadable guide: “This trail guide helps you master Affinity Publisher, even if you’re a newbie, so that you can stop fooling around and start attracting attention by creating awesome graphics for your business.”

The guide has helpful lists of commands and what they do and a good table of which one of Affinity’s programs you need for each kind of task. Lauren at the offers training that looks interesting too.

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