250 exercise prompts alone worth every penny!

Fool Proof Dictation can help anyone learn to dictate fiction proficiently and fluently. How?

  • By taking the fear and mystery out of dictation.
  • By providing exercises designed to nurture and connect parts of the brain used during dictation.
  • By offering specific tips to remove the discomfort that causes most writers to abandon dictation.

Fool Proof Dictation is the only ebook of its kind, focusing primarily on the mental process of dictation. It’s a self-paced training system that streamlines the dictation process. There are warm-ups, practical exercises, and an easy to follow routine for dictating your scenes.

Fool Proof Dictation serves both absolute beginners and writers who’ve tried dictation but grew discouraged, eventually giving it up. This system offers an ease-of-use that will surprise everyone with how effective and gratifying dictation can be! And for those interested, I offer supportive dictation training via Coach.me (Go to https://www.coach.me/ChristopherDowning?ref=MogKZ)

This ebook details the method I use when I dictate fiction. It also explains all the exercises I’ve used over time to train my brain for effective dictation. On top of that, it includes enough prompts to keep those exercises working for months!


Companion video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CHYUgf2qgw

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