Lately, we’ve been talking about how to improve our email newsletters. One way to attack the email open rate challenge is to write better subject lines.

(Who knew? I can’t take email newsletters too seriously or I get gloomy.)

Advanced Marketing Institute’s Emotional Marketing Headline (Analyzer is my favorite tool, (also because it doesn’t make me enter my email and wait.) It color codes your words into Emotional, Spiritual, Power, and Intellectual categories. It’s an unusual, but helpful, way to step back and see your subject line in a fresh way.

SendCheckIt was a top choice for the rest of the Coronitas: It’s all about presentation of your subject line.

You have to give your email address to subscribe to their email list. In return, SendCheckIt rates your subject line and gives helpful tips about:

  • Scannability,
  • Reading grade level,
  • Length,
  • Preview,
  • Sentiment,
  • The presence of RE: or FWD:, FREE, or spammy words,
  • Bad Tab words,
  • Exclamation Points,
  • Punctuation,
  • Personalization,
  • Question,
  • All lowercase, 
  • Emojis.

You can read about 12 Headline Analyzers in this blog round-up post:

May your days be merry and bright and may all your emails open right!

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