A mobile app to make editing fast and simple.

You can upload your novel to this simple mobile app and listen from your smartphone in the car, on the metro, while jogging, or anywhere. Just tap if you notice something you want to change. We’ll add a note to your source document so you can fix it later.

Convert your writing to audio to listen and comment on the go. 

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Make edits on the go:

No time to edit? No problem. Take a jog, run errands, or do laundry while you listen to your draft. Tap, type, or speak comments that sync to a Word doc so you can address them later.

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Catch More Errors:

Listening out loud offers a new perspective to help you catch grammar errors, poor sentence structure, plot holes, or pacing issues that your eyes skip over when you read.

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Get more beta readers:

Let beta readers lounge in their back yard while they listen and speak comments that will appear for you in a Word document. You can even find beta readers in our beta community.

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