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Do you get conflicting advice on how to write a blurb from books, blog posts and internet comments? Have you tried gimmicks from blurb gurus only to see no difference in sales?

This book delivers methods that will work for you. It studies blurbs from a copywriting, neuroscience and artistic perspective.

Because a good blurb is all these things.

This book will dispel blurb myths, and explain effective tactics. Finally, it’ll deconstruct great blurbs so you see their moving parts.

Enter the cutting-edge world of advanced blurbs and learn:

  • The neuroscience behind persuasion
  • The bad advice that’s killing your sales
  • Copywriting super-hooks other than teasers
  • How blurbs really work


Distilled here is decades of knowledge from a full-time author who used to be employed to persuade people.

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