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Do you want to create, publish and market your audiobooks?

Are you ready to use podcasting to grow your author brand and reach more readers with your books?

Audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment in publishing with double-digit growth in markets across the world. Podcasting has gone mainstream with listeners consuming audio on mobile phones and in-car devices, as well as through smart speakers. Advancements in voice technology continue to expand possibilities for audio creation and marketing.

With such rapid growth in opportunity, how can you position your books in an increasingly voice-first world?

[Joanna Penn has] been podcasting for over a decade as well as narrating and producing [her] own audiobooks since 2014. [She’s] an avid consumer of audio content and [is] also experimenting with AI voice technologies. In this book, [Penn says she will] share everything [she] knows so you can position your books and your author brand for the next shift in reader behavior.

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