"Hey - What's with Calling Yourselves Sherpas?"

There’s a common saying among the indie author tribe… and it goes something like this… 

(Full Disclosure: this is paraphrased because we’ve heard variations of it a lot…)

Porters carrying heavy packages climbing the ebc(everest base camp) mountains

There are many paths up the mountain of success.
It's up to you to choose yours and navigate your own trail.

And with that in mind, we decided that our job was to help our fellow indie authors find and navigate their trail of success. 

Now, there are a few things we need you to know. We won’t do the work for you. We aren’t providing any kind of consulting or counseling. We have our own careers and we’re busy. This is a labor of love and a way for us to give back. Please don’t abuse the generous spirit in which this is offered. 
What we don’t do: troubleshoot technology issues, intervene in vendor disputes, write your blurb, or review your book.
What we will do: Point you to some tools, tips websites, articles or people we know (and we know a lot of people collectively) that might be able to help you. Key word there… MIGHT. 

Remember: This is your mountain. Your journey. Your path. We’re just helpful guides. 

Ask An Indie Author Tools Sherpa for Some Guidance: