Do you sell as many books as you want to?

Amazon ads revolutionized publishing. But how do you get them to work?

Have you bought books that promised answers, or paid hundreds of dollars for courses, yet still struggle to profit? Do you belong to a secret Facebook group . . . but fear you’re being ripped off?

Amazon ads are hard to master. But if you do, they’ll reward you. They tap into an audience hungry for books, and willing to pay full price.

The ads follow a standard pay per click advertising model. Marketers have had two decades to figure out how that model works. There’s a skillset for the job.

This book explains it.

If you’re tired of rumors, guesses and secret strategies, this book shows you:

  • How to tap into a buying audience
  • The neuroscience behind clicks that don’t convert (and how to get more that do)
  • The tactics of expert optimization
  • Ad types to avoid (and why)
  • Why scaling is so hard

This book gives you the knowledge to advertise at profit. It’ll surprise you, and bust the myths holding you back.

You’ll never look at advertising the same way again. Are you ready to unleash your Amazon ads?

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