If you tend to write lean, or you’re stuck in a rut with descriptions, this book will help you. It features lots of exercises to move you forward while being fun to read. I have it as a paperback, although there is an eTextbook version available at triple the price. Your choice 🙂

“Enhance Your Fiction with the Power of an Active Setting!
Setting is one of the most underutilized and misunderstood elements of the writing craft. And when writers do focus on setting, they often pull readers out of the narrative and jolt their attention from the action on the page.
A Writer’s Guide to Active Setting will show you how to create vivid, detailed settings that bring your story to life. You’ll learn how to deepen character development, anchor readers to a specific time and place, reveal backstory without slowing things down, elevate action sequences, and more.
Drawing upon examples from authors writing across a variety of genres, Mary Buckham will illustrate exactly how the proper use of setting can dramatically improve your story. You’ll learn what’s effective about each passage and how you can use those techniques to make your story shine.”

Submitted by: Marion

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