July 14, 2022


200+ Fonts by Salt & Pepper

The Salt & Pepper Fonts store has discounted all the fonts in its inventory. You’ll get a commercial license for a bundle of more than

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Pin To Top

Looking for Facebook marketing basics, strategies, or tactics? Check out the weekly Pin To Top, hosted by social media marketing strategist Ann Kristine Peñaredondo. “Growing

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Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket takes the guesswork out of book promotion on Amazon. Makes no difference whether you’re building advertising campaigns, keeping an eye on the competition,

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Amazon Algorithms

In this course, Ricardo Fayet will help you “understand how the Amazon recommendation machine works and give you the knowledge to make it work to

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Help! My Facebook Ads Suck

Confused by Facebook advertising? Break through the overwhelm with Help! My Facebook Ads Suck: Second Edition.This concise, easy-to-read book takes you step-by-step through the process.

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