June 10, 2021



From the AppSumo website: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Patreon, Twitch — it’s time to combine all of your followings and fans into a single, profitable

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Woman writing in a journal, mid-section, low angle view

Autofocus Time Management System

The Autofocus Time Management System was developed by Mark Forster as a reaction against the common time management advice that tasks should be prioritized on

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Calendar Washi Tape set
Planners & Journals

Calendar Washi Tape

This Washi tape caught my eye. It’s a quick way to set up bullet journals or other checklists. “Customize the way you stay organized with

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Kathy Steinemann blog
Blog Posts & Helpful Articles

Word List for Writers

“Uh-oh. You just reviewed your novel and found more than one hundred instances of sighed. How can you fix your story without a major rewrite?” This

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